Masai Mara seems to have a large Cheetah population. I saw quite a few. I was also very fortunate to see the three brothers. Cheetahs are solitary animals. Mothers will take care of cubs but when the cubs grow up each goes their own way. But the three brothers are three Cheetah cubs that grew up and decided to live together and hunt together. This is very rare. Documentaries have been made on them. So it was pretty cool to actually see them. The pictures with the two Cheetahs at a kill is two of the three brothers. Look carefully and you will find the third one there too.
Equip Make Canon
Equip Model Canon EOS 7D
Exposure Bias 0.0
Exposure Prog Aperture priority
Exposure Time 1/400
F Number 4.0
Flash 16
Focal Length 300.0
ISO Speed 100
Metering Mode Pattern